Are You Thinking About Pool Season?

Are You Thinking About Pool Season?

Pool season will be coming around the corner again! Do you have what you need or do you know how to get that pool up and working again?

Some people hire someone to get their pool up and running again. While others get their pool up and running on their own. No matter how you plan to get your pool up and running again, the fact of the matter is it's that time for pool season. 

Here are a few tips to getting your pool ready in time for summer before those scorching hot summer days arrive.

1.) Do not empty your pool

2.) Make sure you have all your pool chemicals you need to balance your pool. For example; shock, chlorine, algaecide, water balancers etc.

3.) Clean your pool by getting all the leaves and debris out of your pool. Make sure to check your leaf basket and clean your filter.

4.) Make sure to fill your pool up. Sometimes your pool will lose some water when you close your pool up for the winter.

5.) Get your pool water tested. You want to make sure your pool is safe to swim in and balanced.

6.) Make sure you set up your pool automation if you have a pool automation system.

Get ready to enjoy your pool. Remember to keep your weekly maintenance program and regularly test your pool chemicals over the course of the pool season.


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