Haywards 8 how to  steps to convert a chlorine pool to salt water

Haywards 8 how to steps to convert a chlorine pool to salt water

Quick Steps to convert your chlorine pool water into salt water by Hayward

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1.) Balance the water in your pool according to your installation manual specifications.

  • Note: You do not need to drain your pool.

2.) Add the required amount of pool-grade salt to achieve the desired concentration. Salt quantity is based on the volume of water in your pool. The bigger the pool, the more salt is needed.

  • Broadcast the salt across the pool surface – it may take up to 24 hours to fully dissolve.
  • Note: Consult your installation manual. The manual should provide a table detailing the amount of salt required. 
  • Click here to view Haywards guide to salt chlorination.

3.) Mount the chlorinator controller on a wall near your pool equipment pad. Make sure to consult the installation manual for best results.

4.) Wire the chlorinator controller for power according to the manual specifications.

5.) Install the chlorinator cell into the pool plumbing after the filter.

  • Note: The chlorinator cell should be the last piece of equipment on the pool pipe before the water returns to the pool. 

6.) Connect the chlorinator cell to the chlorinator controller. That’s it for the pool equipment!

7.) Turn on the pool pump, check for any leaks and operate it for several hours to help circulate the water and dissolve the salt.

8.) Turn on the salt chlorinator and start enjoying your salt water pool!

Once you have converted to a saltwater swimming pool, continue maintenance as usual. This will help to assure clean, clear water and extend the life of your pool equipment.


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