Quick how to guide to test your chlorine levels at home

Quick how to guide to test your chlorine levels at home

Checking your pool for a Chlorine, is important in making sure that your chlorine levels are where they need to be.You should test your pool every day for chlorine, especially if your pool is not covered and is exposed to the outdoor elements. Making sure you have the right amount of chlorine in your pool is highly important in making sure your pool water is clean and safe to swim in.  

Some of the reasons your pool could have high chlorine is because of some of these reasons. Maybe you are doing something wrong when you're testing for chlorine, too many contaminants in the water, or maybe the other chemicals in your pool is effecting your chlorine levels. Remember balance is key to everything.

Here are some quick steps to test your chlorine levels at home.

  1. Open your pool cover if it is covered.
  2. Make sure you have washed your hands and they are dry before handling the test strips.
  3. The test strips have a color comparator either on the product packaging, or as a separate item.  Make sure this is ready to view.
  4. Remove a test strip from the container. Be careful not to touch the pads on the test strips.
  5. Dip the strip into the water, at a depth about up to your elbow.
  6. Keep the strip in the water for a few seconds (this depends on test strip maker’s instructions).
  7. Remove the test strip.
  8. Hold the strip horizontally, or lay the strip down, making sure the color pads are facing up and the strip is not in direct sunlight.
  9. Compare the color of the strip to the color comparator chart included with the test strip package.
  10. You should be able to tell if you are high, low, or within the ideal chlorine range.
  11. If the strips you are using also test free chlorine, be sure to check both free and total colors.  If free is the same as total, then you are ok.  If the values are different, then you have combined chlorine in your pool and you will likely have to shock the pool water.

You can purchase your chlorine test kit here. There are different types of brands you can purchase out in the market. Looking for a specific model or brand, and you can't find it on our website don't hesitate to reach out to us at sales@jacesupply.com and one of are sales representatives will be happy to help. 


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