Pool Maintainance

Weekly Pool Maintenance

Staying on a weekly pool maintenance program can be beneficial in making sure that your pool stays clean and safe to swim in. Below are some daily tips from Haywards website on weekly pool maintenance tips.

1.) Skimming debris

Skimming your pool daily is ideal to removing leaves, bugs, and any other debris floating in your pool. The more you can skim your pool the better to prevent debris from getting to the bottom of your pool, where it can than clog your filter. 

2.) Brush sediment from your pool walls

When you brush the sides, stairs, ladders and other accessories from your pool you are helping to remove dirt and making sure to stop algae from growing. You also want to make sure to brush the pool at the bottom, and making sure to brush the dirt towards the main drain so that it can be vacuumed easily. 

3.) Vacuum your pool

If you have an automatic cleaner you can set it up and forget it. If you do not than you would have to manually vacuum your pool making sure to skim through all areas to vacuum debris. Below are different types of automatic cleaners.

  • Robotic vacuums are energy-efficient and work separate from your pool's existing filtration system.
  • Pressure vacuums utilize a pressure line from the filtration system to move around your pool. They require a pool pump and usually an extra booster pump to run.
  • Suction vacuums use the water flow from your filtration system and         attach to either a dedicated suction port or skimmer. They are the most affordable option.

4.) Clean Skimmer

You want to clean your skimmer as often as possible to clean the debris on the skimmer. Keeping an eye on your pool’s water level is key because if the water level is more than halfway up the skimmer, debris will not be collected effectively.

5.) Keep your pump running

The reason you need to keep you pump running each day is to make sure that your pool chemicals are effectively working and that the water is being filtered. Your pool's circulation system consists of the skimmer, pump, pump strainer, drains and filter. You also want to make sure that these parts are in good working condition to make sure your circulation system is working efficiently.

6.) Check filter and backwash as needed

Filters help to filter and trap debris in your pool. There are 3 types of filters out there sand, cartridge and vertical grid DE. Depending on what type of filter you have you want to follow the directions from the manufacturer. You want to check your filter weekly. Backwash the pool filter as needed (weekly for pools that see a lot of use; or when the filter gauge reads 8-10 psi higher than normal).

7.) Test your pool water and add chemicals accordingly

When you test your pool water frequently (daily or weekly depending on use) and you add chemicals it's important to follow the manufacturer's directions. Chemicals are typically added to the pool daily. These pool chemicals include various kinds of disinfectants and sanitizers which help to control the growth of certain kinds of algae and bacteria in your pool water. Regular shock treatments help to clean the water of algae, bacteria, dirt and any other organic matter that may have entered the pool. It is important to always follow manufacturer's directions for shock treatments.

As you can see following a regular weekly pool maintenance program is important to make sure that you are swimming in sanitized and clean water. Whenever possible you want to follow the manufacturers directions. Following the above steps weekly will help to ensure that your pool is sanitized and working efficiently. Below is a link to Haywards Website with these same tips.

Hayward Weekly Pool Maintenance


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