How a Pool Pump Works

How a Pool Pump Works

A pool pump is the main part of making sure that your pool is circulating correctly. The pool pump creates the flow of water that allows chemicals to circulate evenly throughout the pool, and makes sure to also sanitize and move debris through the circulation system and out of the pool. In-ground pool owners can choose between variable and single-speed pool pumps to make sure that their pool is clean and circulating efficiently. Below are some key differences on different type of pool pumps and their benefits.

Single Speed Pumps:

  • Single speed pool pumps run at one fixed speed, while variable speed pool pumps are programmable. They can be run at a wide variety of speeds depending on the particular needs of your pool and your desire to save on energy costs.
  • Energy Savings — Variable speed pool pumps can save you up to 90% of the annual energy costs of a single speed pump.


  • Automation — Variable speed pool pumps can be integrated into advanced automation systems, allowing you to set timers to run the pump at different speeds at different times of the day.
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