Pool Cleaners

Pool Cleaners

Pool cleaners are not only a necessity but should be on one of your top priority's in keeping your pool clean. Without pool cleaners your pool will be dirty, contaminated, and most of all you can get sick.

So How do you choose the correct pool cleaner for you? There are so many various types. From robotic pool cleaners, pressure side pool cleaners, and suction side pool cleaners. I know what your'e thinking yikes! How do I Choose the right one for me?

Robotic Pool Cleaners can be great because it's a set it and forget gig. The robotic pool cleaner skims the floors, walls, and steps of your pool like a vacuum used in your home.
Like your vacuum at home you need to maintain it. You need to make sure you empty out the filter bag. Sometimes depending on how dirty your pool is you would need to do this more often. Once the robotic cleaner is finished you would need to take it out of the pool and store it correctly making sure you hang the hose up correctly to make sure you don't get kinks in your hose. Robotic pool cleaners can be great if you just don't have the time and your a set it and forget type. Remember with connivence comes expensive. What you need to ask yourself is how much time and effort do I really want to spend cleaning my pool?

Pressure side pool cleaners use pressure to get the debris in the pool water to the bag filter where it holds all of the debris, hence the name pressure side pool cleaner. This pool cleaner skims the bottom of your pool lifting algae and debris. The down side of this pool cleaner is that it can take the bottom of your pool with it. Sometimes the pressure can be too much. With this type of pool cleaner you would also have to choose a booster pump to help get the correct pressure needed to help remove the debris algae etc. Pressure side pool cleaners would require maintenance. You would need to clean out the filter basket and back wash the pool's filter to make sure you don't clog it.

Suction side pool cleaners are cost effective. They connect to your pools filter directly meaning you would not need to purchase a booster pump. With the pressure side pool cleaner it collects debris through the intake pump that pulls in the debris. The down fall of the suction side pool cleaner would be that it is constantly using a lot of energy. Making it costly for your electric bill. The suction side pool cleaner would not be great for larger pools. They would be better for smaller pools.
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