What is the difference between Cal hypo shock 68% and 73%?

What is the difference between Cal hypo shock 68% and 73%?

What is Cal hypo shock?

Cal hypo shock "AKA" Calcium hypochlorite is a calcium based granular chlorinated shock that can be used as part of a weekly pool maintenance program. Cal hypo shock has the highest percentage of chlorine and helps in getting rid of algae in your pool. Cal hypo shock also helps to sanitize drinking water. The difference in the Cal Hypo 68% versus the Cal hypo 73% is the percentage or potency of the bleaching powder in the package.

Cal hypo shock is cost effective than compared to most shocks out there in the market. it is easy to get, easy to use and can be stored for a long periods of time. It has a higher PH level and can react well with other chemicals. Making it a great choice to use in sanitizing your pool.

Most cal hypo shocks contain between 60%-80% of chlorine in the package. It is usually sold in buckets or 1lb bags and has a chlorine like odor. When the cal hypo shock gets added into your pool it works by breaking down the microorganisms in your pool. Once it breaks down the microorganisms it attaches to the enzymes. Eventually it kills bacteria and you have a clean and sanitized pool. Cal hypo can also be used to help oxidize chloramines and chemicals.

Keeping your swimming pool clean and sanitized is an important role in making sure that your pool is safe to swim in. Making sure that your pool is shocked on a consistant bases will help to ensure that your pool is clean and safe to swim in. Depending on the size of your pool, product you use, following of product directions on the packaging, shocking your pool with cal hypo shock is simple. 

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Super Shockwave 25253 68% granular shock

Shockwave 68% Cal Hypo Shock 25253

Super Shockwave 25252 73% granular shock

Shockwave 25252 73% Shock



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