What is a sun tunnel skylight and what are the benefits?

What is a sun tunnel skylight and what are the benefits?

What is a sun tunnel skylight?

Sun tunnel skylights are a great way to add natural light to any room in your home. You can even add sun tunnel skylights in the center of your home. Sun tunnels are a great way to get that natural sun light in places you can not add a window or can't get natural light.

sun tunnel skylight


What are some of the benefits in installing a sun tunnel skylight?

  • Natural light in rooms you can not add windows
  • Fast to install
  • Inexpensive
  • Sleek Appearance on any roofline
  • 20 year tunnel warranty
  • Energy efficient

There are two types of sun tunnel sky lights that you can choose from. 

  • Flexible Sun Tunnel
  • Rigid Sun Tunnel

 Flexible Sun Tunnels are recommended when installation around obstacles within the loft space is required. They are the easiest product to install because of the maneuverability of the material. Below are some benefits in having a flexible sun tunnel.

  • Excellent for ease and speed of installation
  • Easily bends around attic obstructions
  • Helps diffuse sunlight in short runs
  • Ideal for shorter tunnel runs

Rigid Sun Tunnels are recommended when there is a straight, unobstructed path from the roof to the ceiling, although they can be maneuvered slightly. Below are some benefits of having a Rigid Sun Tunnel.

  • Flexi Loc tunnel systems for easy and speedy tunnel assembly
  • Brighter white light
  • Excellent for long runs

When you choose one of these sun tunnel skylights you can also choose the design to match your roof style. The two designs you can choose from are a low profile TGF or a pitched TMF. Below are the benefits on both designs.

Low profile TGF:

  • Low profile flashing provides an integrated look with the roof line.
  • Pivoting tunnel system and flexible tunnel for a quick and easy installation.
  • Impact models available for hurricane prone areas.

Low Profile TGF

Pitched TMF:

  • Pitched flashing provides optimum angle for gathering light from all roof directions.
  • Tile flashing available.
  • Impact models available for hurricane prone areas.

Pitched TMF

As you can see the difference is if you want the sky light to show  you would choose the pitched as opposed to the low profile TGF, which is lower to the roof.

Sun Tunnel Skylight Features:

Sun Tunnel Skylight Features

Installing a sun tunnel skylight comes in 3 phases and the great thing about it is it takes only about 90 minutes to install one. Below are the steps.

1. The Attic
First, your installer will go into the attic to check rafter locations, take measurements, and mark off where the ceiling and roof holes will go.

2. The Rooftop
Up on the roof, your installer will cut a hole and install the top collar, the upper portion of the tunnel, lens, and flashing.

3. The Interior
Back inside, your installer will cut a hole in the ceiling and install the lower portion of the reflective tunnel to connect the two holes and seal the tunnel seams. Next, they'll install the diffuser and trim ring in the ceiling.

 If the sun is out, your new light will be on!

Prices vary depending on what you choose. You can schedule a consultation with Velux and learn more.

Sun Tunnel Skylight Prices

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