Right to refuse service

Although rare, we hold the right to refuse service to customers that are but not limited to being unreasonable, unruly, threatening and or aggressive in nature. We also hold the right to refuse service to delivery address that we find as being high risk to package theft and or fraud. We will always do our best to help and service our customers. Unfortunately, customers try to take advantage of business's to get there way even though it's not right. Customer also sometimes live in a high risk area where unless willing to pay extra to protect their packages we will not be able to accept transactions. Those customers we do not want to service as it increases our overhead and will punish the other customers as prices will have to be raised. We provide and practice the best service possible and insist on a customer base who is inline with our morals and ideals. We are only in business to serve our customer base and want to continue to serve our customer base for years to come.