3M 2136 wet niche potting compound kit, for under water fixtures

by 3M
$ 25.00

Use this 3M model 2136 wet niche potting compound to protect your under water fixtures from corrosion. This 3M potting kit includes resin compound (enough for 1 light fixture), 1 pair of gloves, CC-3 cable cleaning pads, a wooden applicator, and the instruction sheet. Keep your pool lights protected and lasting longer for years to come. 

Product Features:

  • Scotch cast wet-niche potting kit
  • Includes resin compound (enough for one light), 1 pair protective gloves, CC-3 cable cleaning pads, a wooden applicator and instruction sheet
  • Provides protection against corrosion and possible deteriorating effects of pool water by reliably encapsulating the 8 AWG ground connection
  • The wet-niche forming shell is a corrosion-resistant metal housing for underwater fixtures in permanently installed pools
  • Uni-pack container; this thixotropic resin will not sag or drip


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