Gerber Blades "31-002951" Crucial Tool - Blue, Blister

$ 35.95
SKU Gerber Blades-31-002951
Manufacture ID: 31-002951

Meet the tough but light Crucial Tool Blue, with professional-grade components of precise needle nose pliers along with eight other carefully selected features.

The Crucial Tool Blue steps right up to respond to the surprise hurdles life springs so routinely. It offers the partially serrated blade and the Phillips and flat drivers, all of which are liner locking for safe application, to tackle the business end of daily snags. Use the partially serrated blade to make short work of rope cutting or package opening, and tighten down loose screws around the house, the office, or out on a work site with the Phillips or flat head screwdrivers.

In addition to the knife and screwdrivers, the Crucial Tool Blue contains a nicely long pair of needle nose pliers, a bottle opener, V-cut wire cutters, a carabiner clip, and an ingenious pocket clip, making this tool the shrewdest of daily carries. The handles of the tool are ergonomically curved for a solid grip and increased torque. Beautifully incorporating its precise assortment of tools within the unobtrusive, 3.5-inch frame, the slim, lean Crucial lets you face trouble without fear.


- Liner lock
- Stainless steel
- Needle nose pliers
- Partially serrated blade with thumbstud
- Phillips driver
- Large flat driver
- Bottle opener
- V-cut wire cutters
- Carabiner clip
- Pocket clip
- Regular pliers


- Overall length: 5.5"
- Closed length: 3.6"
- Weight: 5.0 oz.


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