Natural Chemistry 03215 FILTER PERFECT

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Natural Chemistry 03215 

Natural Chemistry(R) Filter Perfect(TM),

Product Type: Enzyme Products,

Container Size: 1 L, Bottle Container, Amber,

Form: Liquid,

12/Case, or qty of 1

pH Rating: 5 - 6, Specific

Gravity: 1 - 1.01,

Relative Density: 8.3 - 8.5 lb/gal,

Chemical Composition: 1.73% ALCOHOLS, C9-11, ETHOXYLATED,

Solubility: Complete Soluble in Water

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Product Features

  • Naturally based filter cleaner formulated with SMARTZyme technology
  • Acid free formula means no fumes
  • Powerful formula works on all filter types
  • Allows for longer filter runs

Product Specifications

Brand Natural Chemistry®
ProductName Filter Perfect™
ProductType Enzyme Products
ContainerSize 1 L
ContainerType Bottle
Color Amber
Form Liquid
pHRating 5 - 6
SpecificGravity 1 - 1.01
RelativeDensity 8.3 - 8.5 lb/gal
ChemicalComposition 1.73% ALCOHOLS, C9-11, ETHOXYLATED
Solubility Complete Soluble in Water


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