Palintest PT791 pool teset 9 check standards

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Palintest Check Standards are traceable reference materials defined in terms of % Transmittance (%T) at a particular wavelength, and are ideal in confirming a Palintest Photometer is conforming to specification.

Each standard in the kit enables users to check each of the individual wavelengths in the photometer.

At Palintest, we tend to define accuracy of our photometers in terms of %T, but what is %T?

%T or % Transmittance is related to absorbance and is effectively the amount of light that isn't absorbed by a solution at a particular wavelength and path length. So, if all the light passes through a solution without any absorption, then absorbance is zero, and %T is 100%. If all the light is absorbed, then %T is zero, and absorption is infinite.


The process of calibrating a photometer

Palintest calibrate photometers using certified colour standards that are traceable back to National Physical Laboratory (NPL) standards.

The certified standards are prepared by our Quality Control team in our modern laboratory facilities using traceable chemicals, externally calibrated balances and produced in small batches. This ensures the traceability chain is maintained throughout the production process.

The standards are then characterised by transmittance (% T) at a particular wavelength using an externally calibrated dual-beam spectrophotometer. The spectrophotometer is calibrated using the NPL standards.

During the manufacturing of photometers, the instruments are calibrated to read the correct %T at the wavelengths available on that particular photometer. The method of calibrating our photometers using the certified traceable standards forms part of the ISO 9001 business management system within Palintest and thus is fully audited.

Calibration check standards

Palintest offer check standards for all of their photometer range. These standards are manufactured in the same way as calibration standards and are therefore traceable in the same manner.

The check standards allow users in the field to verify their photometer is still conforming to our calibration specification. They do not recalibrate the photometer, merely give confidence that the photometer is still within specification and fit for purpose.

Palintest Check Standards are traceable reference materials defined in terms of %T at a particular wavelength and are ideal in confirming your photometer is conforming to specification in the field.



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