Orenda Technologies PR-10000A-Gal gallon phosphate remover

by Orenda
$ 139.00
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Phosphate removers are used to remove phosphate in your pool water. If you do not remove phosphates from your pool, algae will begin to grow. Too much phosphate in your pool and the algae will be able to live in your pool. This is why phosphate removers are an important part of pool sanitation. The rule of thumb is to always keep your chemicals balanced.

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Product Specifications

Brand Orenda
Item PR10000 Phosphate Remover Concentrate
ProductType Phosphate Remover
ContainerSize 1 gal
ContainerType Bottle
Color Amber
Form Liquid
PackageQuantity 4/Case, or 1 gallon
pH Rating 2.5 - 3.5
SpecificGravity 1.4
BoilingPoint 230 deg F
Solubility Complete Soluble in Water
FreezingPoint 20 deg F


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