Star Chamber Cleaning Tool - 7.62mm

$ 26.95
SKU GS267284
Manufacture ID: FG-2717

Take the awkwardness and difficulty out of cleaning the chamber area of an MSR/AR style rifle with the amazing Otis Technology Star Chamber Cleaning Tool. This tool quickly and effectively cleans the star chamber in just a few twists. The Otis Tech Star Chamber Gun Cleaning Tool features a scraper to remove fouling build-up and felt pads to pick up the fouling loosened by the scraper. The nose piece centers the tool in the chamber for proper cleaning. With 8-32 threads, a chamber brush or other scraper components can be attached to this tool for added cleaning. For an amazing way to be sure your fire arm is clean and ready for action, choose the Otis Star Chamber Cleaning Tool.


- Effectively cleans star chamber
- Scraper
- Felt pads
- 8-32 threads


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