T17 Accessories - In-Line Cleaning Kit, 50Cal

$ 23.95
SKU GS48861
Manufacture ID: 31007473

For thoroughly cleaning and conditioning your muzzleloading firearm and keeping it in top shape. T-17 Muzzleloader Cleaning Kit is specifically formulated to clean and protect your valuable muzzleloader.


- 2 oz. bottle T-17 Bore Cleaning Solvent
- 3/4 oz. T-17 Natural lube
- 1/2 oz. T-17 Breech Plug Anti-Seize Grease
- (20) 2 1/2in. dry cotton cleaning patches
- .50 cal. extended cleaning jag
- .50 cal. bronze bore brush
- Breech Thread Cleaning Brush


- Cleans and Conditions your Muzzleloading Firearm


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